I made a wire octopus as a practice run for a project I have in mind. I couldn’t find any instructions for this sort of thing, so had to make it up as I went along. It’s recognisable, though I would rather find a better way of doing the head – my boyfriend suggested putting a large bead in there to give it some solidity.

The octupus is made of very thin (0.315mm) silver-plated wire. You can bend the tentacles in different directions easily, though you don’t want to do that much or you’ll break the wire. It’s about 1.5 inches tall – for the project I had in mind, I would have to work out how to make very small octupuses that still had form. The octupus is sitting on a shell and then a dark grey pebble that I brought back from a pebble-collecting trip to Brighton beach.

It was very hard to photograph, especially as I’m relying on a rather old digital camera that has no macro mode. The ones above were the least-blurry of my attempts…



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