A wire pendant

I thought I’d try something that used wire in an actual piece of jewellery, so I started with a pendant. I’d been reading the tutorials on Jewelrymaking.about.com – the Beginners’ Corner and Basics sections are very handy when you’re a total beginner – plenty of small steps and photographs.

I made a pendant that consists of a large aquamarine chip hanging from a circle. The circle’s threaded with seed beads in grey, greens and clear. There’s a loop at the top to hang it on a necklace. It’s made with thicker wire than I use for the trees – 0.6mm silver-plated copper.

Water pendant Water pendant scan

Water pendant

The first picture is a photograph, the second is a scan of the pendant that I took later – the photo has better colour fidelity but is fuzzier. The aquamarine looks far too grey in the scan.

It took me rather a long time for something so simple – the first time I was wire-wrapping the aquamarine chip, my wire broke just as I was finishing it (reason #1 not to overwork your wire!) so I had to take it off and start again.

Things I learned in the process:

  • Be very, very careful with your wire. More careful than that!
  • Round nose pliers. I need some.
  • Ditto for jewellers’ pliers in general

My loops had to be made diamond-shaped because without round-nose pliers I could only make very wonky-looking circles. A diamond at least looked deliberate! Also, if you looked closely you could definitely see scratches on the wire from the pliers, because their inside surface wasn’t completely flat.

(I also have a photo with the pendant on the little notebook I’ve started using to sketch my designs – the quality’s not great, but it amuses me to put them side by side).

Water pendant on notebook

Water pendant on notebook

We are now up to July 16th in my adventures in jewellery-making.


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