Purple cascade necklace

(July 19th)
I made this necklace using the instructions at Jewelrymaking.about.com. I used little purple seed beads and my random purple bead selection, and I made a wire hook closing instead of the large bead-and-loop one in the instructions, since I didn’t have any suitable beads for that.

The triangular end-pieces took a lot of fiddling to get the hang of. The instructions for brick stitch here with arrows showing the direction of the thread were a clearer explanation that let me understand what I was supposed to be doing. After that it went much more easily!

Purple Cascade, detail of fastening

Purple Cascade, detail of fastening

This took me a long time – all one evening and most of the next afternoon. I gave many thanks for my big-eye beading needle, because trying to string thin Nymo thread through a tiny-eyed needle would have been an exercise in massive frustration. I had to work out how to weave in the ends securely, and attach new pieces of thread mid-strand.

Purple Cascade Purple Cascade scanned

Purple Cascade, photo and scan

Whoops, I had meant to resize the scan before uploading. Oh well – look at that one if you want to see details!

Purple Cascade as worn

Purple Cascade as worn - can be twisted for a different look

I am very pleased with the outcome, and it’s a great way to use a lot of variously-coloured beads.


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