(July 23-24)

As the other part of my mum’s present, I made a new tree. I was aiming for a small tree for ease of transportation. However, I used pieces of wire that were far too long (the kind of lengths I use for the cherry blossoms) so it wasn’t going to work for that. It’s also amusingly springy because of how thin the wire is. (My 0.5mm silver-plated wire was still at the post office depot – I picked it up the next day).

Gothtree the first Gothtree the first, pic 2

Gothtree the first

0.315mm silver-plated wire, obsidian chips and translucent grey seed beads.

It’s slightly unstable. I think I should probably use a pebble for the base to weigh that down a bit – it does stand up on its own, but it takes careful balancing.

So I made a smaller one the next afternoon, using the 0.5mm silver-plated wire that finally got picked up from the post office. Still obsidian chips and translucent grey seed beads. This one is 3 inches tall by 4 inches in the widest direction. The sproingy one is now residing in my living room.

Gothtree the second Small silver and obsidian tree, another angle

Gothtree the second


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