Saga of the scanner

Now, my scanner…

I have a Canon Pixma all-in-one printer/scanner that my boyfriend’s mum got for us last Christmas. We’ve only needed to print out a couple of things to date – it gets far more use as a scanner.

I scanned my Illusion of Peaches necklace fine one night, then the next night I switched it on and it displayed a “Cannot recognise cartridge” error message, indicating the cyan ink. This is the ink that came with it and has hardly been used. Reseating the cartridge did nothing. And through a truly stupendous piece of design, you can’t scan while the printer is “undergoing maintenance”. I looked it up online and found a lot of other people who’d had the same problem. It appears the chips for Pixma cartridges have a high failure rate. We’re still under warranty, and Canon will supposedly replace cartridges for you in this situation… but we can’t find the receipt for the printer (which we definitely have. Somewhere).

My scanner can’t scan because it needs blue ink. *headdesk*


  1. #1 by Jocelyn on September 16, 2009 - 2:36 pm

    Not quite as insane as that (because that IS insane!), but it REALLY bugs me when my printer runs out of black ink and it won’t just let me print in colour instead. I only ever need to print in black, and on previous printers I’ve been able to change everything to dark blue or something and therefore still be able to print even if the black ink is at zero.

    It’s only usually music I need to print – if it’s just for me, I can get round it by putting it onto my phone as a pdf (although singing from that isn’t good for the eyesight) but I do lots of stuff for groups. It was OK when there were still temp jobs that wanted me – I could print at work!

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