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Here are my recent polymer clay creations. The temporarily strung ones are baked, the rest aren’t (and all the little flowers and leaves are cane slices waiting to be used).

The leaves were a failed experiment – I should have used a lighter colour in the skinner blend (green to brown). The geometric pattern cane was actually made out of the rest of the leaf cane. I stuck three pieces of it together to make a sort of triangle around a centre, then filled in wedges of the light grey-green to make it round, surrounded it by a thin layer of black, made the cane rectangular, cut it into four lengthwise, put them together in a 2×2, reduced that, repeated the last two steps… and ended up with what you see. There’s one set made of thick slices of it, and another where I added pieces to the surface of some nearly-black beads with mica. One large round, two rondelles, two smaller rounds.

With the flower canes, I cut some slices off before reducing them. I think in the end I reduced the little blue roses a bit much – the smallest ones are really tiny. I’m rather pleased with the rose cane, though. I did it late at night from this rose tutorial and was working with really tiny thin pieces of cane for each of the petals, nothing like the nice chunky ones in the pictures, and it still came out rather well! It’s a really nice design.

The big green “stone” in the first picture was actually supposed to be me mixing a background colour – I got halfway through squidging them together and they looked so pretty I couldn’t make myself continue. So I made a big chunky organic nugget instead, which I am currently wearing on a necklace made of green ribbon and brown cord, with some little brown glass and wooden beads knotted on too.

(I think I need more practice with using ribbon – the end result is ok, but not as nice as I was thinking. The necklace has a hurried S-hook plus rings fastening that’s both secure and easy to use… but gets really caught up in my hair. Doh.)

The other swirly beads came about in similar ways – end offcuts from the canes, mostly. I love swirly organic-looking things. The mica in some of the beads (everything that uses any green, really) is from Fimo Effect. I got opal green and pearl and they give a really lovely look. I got silver-look too, but I think something’s wrong with my block of that. I spent an hour trying to condition it, but whenever it got even slightly cool, or if I tried to run it through the pasta machine, it just started crumbling again. As the other effect clay conditions even more easily than the Fimo Soft, I think something must have gone wrong while it was being stored by the supplier. I got my clays from an eBay seller who lets you pick any 9 blocks, specifying your colours. Oh well. The rest are all fine. I need to get a lot more white, though! And maybe a big block of transparent too next time I order…

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Jewellery picspam

This is an attempt to stop being at least a month behind in my posts! Here’s what I’ve been up to in the last little while – some earrings, some wirewrapping with and without beads, some chain maille, a little seed beading (most recent at top):

You’ll notice some variation in photo quality… I got my new camera! It’s a Panasonic Lumix TZ6 and it’s utterly lovely.

I’ve done some more polymer clay beads since then – photos coming soon! I got hold of a second hand pasta machine, which lets you do all kinds of fancy things with polymer clay, so I’ve been making lots of canes to slice up and decorate beads with. (Think of a stick of rock – you assemble everything so the design runs all the way through it, then slice thin pieces off the end to use).

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