Newbie’s Week of Lampwork – day 2

Monday 22nd

I started this session by trying to pull stringers… with not much success! I have some verrry thin ones now. Then I tried to make a twistie, and that really didn’t go well! I wasn’t managing to pull more than an inch or two at a time at any decent thickness. So I tried pulling a bit, heating the next part, pulling again, but mostly that just broke off the part I’d already made, leaving me with lots of little ends. And one mutant variable-thickness twistie that will probably be rather hard to use. More practice needed! I think with both the twistie and the stringers i wasn’t managing to heat a large enough gather at once before pulling.

Twistie detritus!

Now for the beads:

Monday's beads are the three in front

1. Dark yellow. I really like the colour of this, it’s very cheery!

2. Mid purple transparent base with light ivory dots, swirled with a light turquoise stringer. I picked up the light ivory thinking it was white. Oops! I’ve since separated out my commercial stringers a bit more so it’s easier to tell them apart while wearing diddys. Not that it makes a huge amount of difference here, it just gives me the thin reaction line round the turquoise. I think I added a bit too much ivory for the effect I was going for, though you can still see the base is transparent in person.

3. White base with melted in little bits of my twistie detritus. I then somewhat ruined it by adding a wavy line of petroleum green from one of my very thin stringers. Not so thin anymore as it spread a lot more than I was expecting. Oh well. I also had to reshape this bead several times as I was working on it, because I kept melting the base out of shape while adding the twistie. Whups.


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