Newbie’s Week of Lampwork – day 3

Tuesday 23rd

I was on a roll this session!

More successful red twistie

First, another twistie. It worked much better this time, though I still have a rather thick piece at the start of the pull, and I’d have liked to be able to pull a section twice as long as the ones I managed here. Definite improvement though! I followed this by pulling a couple of transparent green stringers – still very thin.

The beads (six!):

Newbie day 3 beads

1. Dark green transparent base, with a wavy line and dots from the piece of my green twistie that was mostly lime green and transparent. Then I made another the same on the same mandrel, to see if I could.

Two beads, one mandrel

2. Transparent lilac base, with plunged dots of transparent mid purple with a little more lilac to cover the dots. Hmm. You can hardly see the purple at all, though you can see the bubbles. I think I should have used an opaque purple instead for the dots.

3. The larger clear wispy green bead. I made this by attaching the thick end piece of my green twistie to the rod of clear and using that to make the base bead, then adding more clear over the top. It’s interesting, and you can see little green wisps inside, though I think I should actually have added more layers of twistie in it to give it more going on. I’ll try that another day.

4. Transparent orange base with opaque light red dots, gravity swirled. I like the effect and I will be trying this again with colours that contrast better! Possibly with stripes rather than dots to start with. This one has a tendency to photograph pink when it isn’t really.

5. Dark turquoise base with light ivory dots. Then more dots. Did from rod, not stringers. Exactly as expected, really :)


Twistie colours, for reference:
Green: rod of pale blue transparent, stripes of lime green opaque and dark green transparent.
Red: rod of transparent red, stripes of light amber and medium lemon yellow.

(I have a page-a-day diary that I’m using to write down what I’ve done each session. Sometimes it’s tricky enough to remember what the colours were by the end of the session, let alone the next day!)


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  1. #1 by Carol Tannahill on March 5, 2010 - 1:05 am

    Nice twistie! I’m still working on getting mine to work right. You are doing phenomenally. My twisties, in fact all my stringer, looked like snakes up until I finally got it a few weeks ago.

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