Lampwork: weeks 19-21

[July 3 – 18]

For a week in the middle here, I ran out of gas *horror*. I can only replace my bottle on weekends, and it ran out on a Sunday night after the place I get it from had closed. Very frustrating!

The colour of the month challenge for July was CiM Zachary, and the theme was On the Beach!

I made some twisties featuring white, CiM ginger and stoneground, dark red brown and coral.

Brown and coral

Then I made a set of a dark red brown lentil and matching spacers decorated with the twistie and some layered dots of the colours in it.

I did a similar thing with CiM zachary, dirty martini, electric avenue and Vetro med lapis.

Zachary blues

Beachy beads

Tide coming in

I call this lot ‘Tide coming in’. They’re variable – I didn’t manage to keep my lentils the same size, and I got them too hot while adding the murrini so they went out of shape a bit. They are mostly dark ivory, Reichenbach ocean and murrini by me, Kaz and Jolene. The lentils also have some SIS shards, some CiM stoneground and some P&T vanilla. I noticed on the rounds that if I left the wraps of ocean thin, they tend to react and go brown round the edges, but are fine when thick.


These are white encased in ocean with Kaz’ broken biskwits murrini. I love Reichenbach ocean – it has little glimmers in it.

Beachy shard

This is CiM sapphire and mermaid with SIS shards and Kaz broken biskwit murrini.

More dragonscales

More dragonscales – magic and petrol green dots.

Etched amethyst

This is a part-etched amethyst lentil. I used nail polish to draw the design on it before putting it in the etching fluid.

Ocean and sherwood 1

CiM sherwood encased in ocean with biskwit murrini and trails of SIS on one side. Unfortunately this one thermal shocked. The picture shows the back too – the glitter in the ocean gives a subtle shimmer over the green. I don’t think the red, blue and white murrini goes very well with it, but that’s the danger of choosing one at random! I don’t like the way I decorated the front in general – it’s rather bitty.

Pulsar kitty

A little jelly-like kitty in CiM pulsar. It has kryptonite eyes and a blue Kaz biskwit murrini front and back.


An octopus! Base lentil is pulsar, body is CiM phoenix with stoneground.

Zachary and amethyst kitties

These kitties are in CiM zachary with pulsar dots and amethyst. Again, Kaz biskwit murrini front and back.

Ocean and sherwood 2

I redid the cracked ocean and sherwood bead, but used Kaz’s multicolour mermaid murrini this time, and kept the decoration down. I like this one much better.

More ocean beads, with a BHB

I made some more using these colours: 2 rounds to go with the lentil, and my first BHB. Making the big hole bead smooth and symmetrical is definitely on the tricky side! This was on a 5mm mandrel.

Sangre kitty

Kitty in CiM sangre with Vetro odd custard eyes and Kaz biskwit murrini. The custard was a bit brighter than I was expecting! He peeeeers at you.


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