Lampwork: week 23-24

[Aug 1 – 8]

August’s colour of the month was 060 cobalt, and the theme of the month was Flower Power.

Here are two sangre rounds rolled in pearl mica, a lentil made of my attempt to make honey crunch (amber/topaz over ivory) over clear. And a lentil made of Vetrofond odd light red jasper.

Week 23 reddish

Gravity swirl beads: lilac, white and ink blue, 1 lentil, 2 rounds.

Lilac swirls

This was my mystery this week. I was sold the below as EDP, and thought it was because it behaved more or less as expected with periwinkle or dragonscale beads. I got the beads below out of it and boggled because they’re transparent – I’d just wound them on, kept them hot to avoid devit and straight into the kiln. Now, it turns out there was a mix-up at the vendor – they’d ordered both EDP and striped pink, only got one unlabelled and thought it was EDP. (Striped pink is EDP with a core of rubino). I still don’t know why my beads are transparent – Julie of Lush Lampwork did a lovely colour test of striped pink alongside EDP and sedona and hers comes out opaque purple…

Here’s two rounds, the rods, and a stringer I pulled.

Not EDP - striped pink

Gravity swirl beads: pale emerald, white and CiM sherwood, 3 lentils.

Emerald swirls

A big hole bead in dark turquoise and ivory.

BHB dark turquoise and ivory

A BHB in Reichenbach multicolour dark (over black) with melted in clear dots.

BHB in MCD with clear

Magdalena Ruiz multitool beads, made with the smallest cavity, in CiM poison apple. On the end is a nugget in amethyst and BeadySam’s gem surprise frit (was also encased in amethyst).

Poison apple and a fritty nugget

BHB in cobalt and white.

Cobalt and white BHB

Two beads with cobalt: one is a cobalt base with light pink and mid purple, the other is a light pink base with cobalt dots.

Cobalt and light pink

BHB in cobalt, copper green and opal yellow. The copper green reduced in the kiln, so I soaked it in grime&lime to remove that and it came out a bit odd…

BHB cobalt and copper green


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