CiM Commando

To start with, for comparison here are two other CiM greens. Olive and unique algae (this is the transparent). I love greens in general and have quite a lot of them…

CiM olive and unique algae

CiM commando is similar to olive, but is a bluer green where olive is yellower.

CiM commando

I did a few test beads – nothing very spectacular happened.

CiM commando beads

The first bead has silver foil on the surface. I think I reduced it – nothing’s happened. The second bead was to test colour reactions. There’s a slight outline with the dark ivory and a very very slight separation round the dark turquoise. The opal yellow has sunk in and the periwinkle seems to float. The third has silver foil, is encased in clear and has Reichenbach iris blue dots on top. The bottom bead is a flower attempt where the bead release broke so the centre’s slightly pointy. It has silver blue frit on the edges.

I tried with Effetre pastel yellow.

Commando and pastel yellow

Left is commando base with pastel yellow scrolls – slight outline on the scrollwork. The right is the reverse but I didn’t have stringer ready so it’s drawn with the rod, hence the thicker lines. Reaction line not very visible around the green.

Conclusion: really not very reactive. I think I prefer olive, but if you like the bluer tone, go for this one.


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