CiM crocus, pink champagne, peacock and chalcedony

CiM has some lovely opalino colours, which are much better behaved than Effetre’s opalinos. Here are some spacers in a few of them (plus pink champagne).

CiM crocus is a light opalino purple that keeps its translucency. Lovely, and there’s nothing like it from other manufacturers. Pink champagne is a pretty transparent pink.

CiM crocus and pink champagne

Here’s CiM chalcedony – an opalino light blue. Less translucent than crocus and tends to opacify if you work it for a long time. I also found it tricky to photograph – it should be slightly more translucent than it appears here.

CiM chalcedony

This last is CiM peacock with cobalt trails, encased in clear and with Kaz’s multicolour mermaid murrini and MCD dots. Peacock is a gorgeous very translucent green opalino. I made a necklace with beads that show the colour more obviously and I’ll put that up when I can.

CiM peacock with MCD

Incidentally, these are two separate blue frits over crocus. I was going for less coverage but they spread out a lot! You can see the translucency of the base gives them a glow, though.

Crocus with blue frits


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  1. #1 by John on October 9, 2011 - 9:16 pm

    wow i love this

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