Cheeky Frit Blends: Sea of Heartbreak and Morning Town

Sea of Heartbreak

Blend 38: Sea of Heartbreak

I also love this frit blend! It’s a lovely gardeny/sunset-on-water selection of colours. First three as before (over white, over white and encased, frit painting with clear), then over Effetre rose opalino. Which was half-and-half too far into the kiln, because one side has gone mostly opaque and the rest hasn’t! (I’ve had this before – rose opalino opacifies if it gets too hot while annealing, so I have to remember to keep it a bit closer to the door).

Morning Town

Blend 32: Morning Town

This one is fun. It looks mostly lime green and blue before you use it, and then the browns and yellows and a bit of purple shows up. First three as above, then over avocado. Finally over cobalt blue and reduced, which I have another picture of here:

Morning Town reduced

You can more or less see that bits of it go mirrored, but I imagine you probably don’t want to use it that way in general! Could do with more reactive experiments for this frit.


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