For Hallowe’en I made myself a new pumpkin necklace and earrings (last year I made polymer clay pumpkin jewellery).

Pumpkin necklace

I used CiM creamsicle for the focal and earring beads. Really like this colour, it’s darker than dark yellow but lighter than orange, which is pretty much where I like it. Full orange is a bit bright for me! I only had one skinny rod of it, though, so the spacers are pastel yellow.

The pumpkin focal is a hollow bead that I ran over a groovy marver and then razored to deepen the lines. I added black stringer in the grooves and leaves made with vine cane. The small earring pumpkins are just razored.

The other spacers are transparent dark grass green and CiM clockwork. Clockwork is a lovely colour. It comes out a misty semi-transparent deep orange that just glows.

I strung the necklace on knotted brown cotton cord, with the addition of triangular seed beads in a variety of greeny-yellow shades. I like knotted necklaces for lampwork because they make sure everything stays balanced and are very comfortable to wear. I made a sterling silver swan neck clasp for it – I also find these very comfortable and easy to put on and take off, with no danger of them coming undone unexpectedly.

There’s an extra loop of cord at the back because I was putting it together when I was rather tired and I carefully measured and knotted off the end… then cut the wrong side! So I had to add another bit to make it the right length. The earrings are crimped on to beading wire.

Normally I wouldn’t think of wearing yellow or orange… this necklace is an exception and I love it! A couple of people mentioned to me that it looks Christmassy, probably because of the combination of green and orange, so I declared it Festive Pumpkins and wore it at Christmas too :)

Any other holidays I could make vaguely pumpkin-related for it?


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