Blue hollow necklace

Blue hollow necklace, take 1

Transparent dark turquoise hollow with white stringer. It has Greek silvered ceramic curved beads and a couple of small clear triangular seed beads. I should mention that I love silvered ceramic. It lets you get substantial silvery beads that are affordable and easy to wear, while being much more durable than silver plate. You don’t have to worry about what metals it’s made up of either – the coating is fine silver. Because the beads are ceramic, the irregularities you get are very different from those in a solid metal bead (casting lines in mass-produced beads for example), and I like that. I think they suit lampwork well.

The necklace as shown here is a prototype and needs changing a bit because it is very front-heavy and the clasp has a tendency to slide around. (I used the same swan neck hook that’s on my pumpkin necklace, which is why it isn’t in this photo). That’s another reason I like knots, because they keep the beads spaced out and in the same position on the string, so the necklace doesn’t rotate.

I always get myself into confusions when trying to string necklaces like this – I like my lampwork on chunkier cords, but I also want to be able to use small accent beads, which of course have very small holes! The cord here is 1.5mm waxed cotton and is thin enough for a variety of things to fit on it, but for this necklace I think something more substantial was required because the weight in one place makes it hang in far too narrow a curve.

Redo from start, I think.


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