Sparklers and chocolate brown

[Nov 2010]

Theme of the month was Sparklers and colour of the month was Effetre chocolate brown 444 or dark chocolate brown 448.

Apple sparklers

A go at sparklers. CiM poison apple base with dots in iris blue, pastel yellow and coral, plus black stringer lines. I love poison apple – it’s an opalino so you get a lovely depth to the colour, but is also opaque enough to keep its brightness.

BHB poison apple

While I was at it, I made this BHB too. It has variously-stacked dots in transparent dark purple and white. They have slightly blurry edges on top of the poison apple.

Ivory dotty kalera

Ivory base, with triton dots that we will just pretend are black, ok? Way overheated them. Plus clear. If you ignore what it was supposed to be, I think it’s ok. The combination of ivory and clear is interesting and I should look into that more.

Triton and ivory kalera

Now, this is more like! Triton raked trails on ivory, pressed and reduced. The camera really flattered this one.

Effetre calico

Effetre calico is a very weird glass. This is a second batch, I think, that is more purply than the original browner batch. The round shows what it’s like just wound on. The kalera is trails of calico over clear. Like EDP it devitted a lot, and I haven’t had any luck getting rid of devit from pressed beads – what tends to happen is that it doesn’t go away until I’ve heated the glass all the way up, it loses shape, I have to press again… and any firepolishing will put it right back where it was, if it goes away at all. So I have a very organic effect here :p

Hot chocolate lentils

My colour of the month beads. (I think this was the dark brown). They have SIS shards, pink Cheeky Cherub broken biskwit murrini, and one also has some amber dots.


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  1. #1 by glasy on February 7, 2011 - 3:22 pm

    your beads are really beautiful!
    i love the green you used in the second picture and with the copper, very nice. :)

    Your Glasy

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