November Colour Challenge Swap

We had a Colour Challenge quick swap on FH. We formed groups of 5, and each of us picked a colour without knowing what the other people in our group had picked. We then all had to make beads using our five colours and only those colours. It’s an interesting challenge!

My group’s colours were CiM heffalump, dark transparent turquoise, ivory, coral and periwinkle.

Colour swap trial beads

These were my trial beads, just seeing what I could do with the colours. You can see that I leaned towards making the dark transparent turquoise my main colour (it was the one I chose!). It’s interesting to see what the rest of the group did differently.

I decided that the heffalump and periwinkle were a bit too similar for my tastes. They aren’t the same colour, but they are a similar kind of tone in this application. Heffalump colour-shifts from pale pink to lavender blue, and periwinkle is bluey-purple – on top of dark transparent turquoise they both look purplish. On the tubular bead, it has periwinkle on the end and heffalump just past halfway down and they look almost the same. For this reason I mostly tried keeping one as the core in my test beads, and tended to put dark transparent turquoise dots over the other. I’ve seen some lovely things done with heffalump, it just didn’t hold its own in this colour combination. Because we had ivory, it couldn’t be used as the palest colour either.

I’d be interested in playing more with this colour combination, but I think I’d leave out the heffalump and stick to four colours. It makes planning easier!

Colour swap prototype

I made some shards and murrini, and this was my prototype for the final design. The base is dark transparent turquoise, the shards are ivory, coral and periwinkle, the murrini are periwinkle, dark transparent turquoise, coral and ivory. I added heffalump and coral dots, put dark turquoise on top and left them raised.

Colour swap beads

These are the beads I swapped. They’re tubby lentils, and I’m quite happy with how they turned out! I didn’t have as much time for experimenting as I’d have liked (no torch for a week because of a broken washing machine blocking my space).

Colour swap beads, view 2

Would I have made them without the challenge? Probably not, and that’s why it was a really good idea! I’m pleased the murrini worked, too – it’s hard to tell with so many reactive colours in a small space.

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