Dark steel grey

Or “Cunning plans that go wrong”.

Not quite black

I wanted to do some nice beads in dark steel grey that had some layers to them. But I hadn’t realised quite how dark it is once you’ve made beads out of it. Stupidly, I made them over a core of tuxedo – I was imagining something a bit like clear over black, but with more of a tint to it. Nope. I got beads that you could just see weren’t black if you held them up to a bright light. I’d also cleverly put stringer work in black as well as white on top. The black was mostly invisible, of course, except on the hollow where it was on top of the white scrollwork and both went fuzzy round the edges.

After laughing at myself a bit when I got them out of the kiln, I etched them because I had a vague idea it’d make the surface more visible. What I discovered is that etching makes dark steel grey remain very dark, but the surface gets a slightly sparkly effect, different from etched black.

Many times doh!

Dark steel grey with pearl mica

Here we have two spacers and a hollow in dark steel grey, coated in pearl mica. I was given a small amount of it as a newbie gift and hadn’t got round to trying it yet. I think I overheated it, judging from the slightly reddish cast it has. I also added too much for the effect I was going for – I wanted just a light sprinkling.

Sometimes it just isn’t your day…


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