A class with Anouk

Anouk visited Diana East’s studio in the UK to teach a silver glass course at the beginning of January. She’s on Flickr here and Etsy here, if you want to drool over her creations! She also sells tutorials, incidentally. My boyfriend paid for my place on the first day, which was an introduction to silver glass, as part of my Christmas present. (The other part was a biiiiig CiM order. I had a good Christmas this year! And he didn’t need to spend time stomping round shops *grin*).

I made these beads the day before the class, so these are without the benefit of her knowledge.

Lauscha blue-purple w silver

This is Lauscha blue-purple with silver leaf, reduced and encased in soft clear. Mmm, I like.

Aurae mermaid

This is CiM mermaid with a spiral of aurae, reduced, encased and pressed. I liked the result but had no idea if I’d got the right effect with the aurae!

BHB mermaid+magic

The BHB is a tuxedo base with a mermaid+magic twistie on top and encased. Not struck properly.


The class was great. I went on the Friday, which was an extra date and so was quieter than the Saturday class. If you want to know about silver glass without having to waste so much getting to grips with it, try and take a class with someone who knows. It’s invaluable. I knew technically how to work striking and reducing glass, but it’s all the little things that you can’t find out otherwise. For example, I was surprised by just how long Anouk reduces for, and how long you can have a big bead out of the flame without it cracking. She also came round when we were making our beads and pointed out when we were getting them too hot (still my problem!) and when we were working it too long and things like that.

We made stonking huge focals and some test round beads, then opted to get Anouk to demonstrate all sorts of things for us rather than making more beads ourselves. It was a wonderful day, and Di’s studio is a great place to have a class.

I need a nice big crunch press! Next up, the beads I made after the class :)


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