Another thing I’ve been doing recently is heart beads. Lots of heart beads. We’re having a Valentine’s bead swap on Frit-Happens so I made a whole bunch and chose 3 of my later ones to send in. Piccies of those and what I received when I get them!

Firstly, these are made with my Carlo Dona heart press.

Champagne heart

This is Lauscha champagne, which is a very pale transparent. I used bicarbonate of soda to make the bubbles. I made this a tad too big for the press, so it’s shaped by pressing and also by hand afterwards.

Then I did these, which I am calling Mysterious Hearts of Gold.

Mysterious Hearts of Gold #1

I made the core of this with shorts in clear, yellow and green, then sprinkled some green aventurine frit, added more clear and a little pulsar, pressed it, and added raku spirals and dots to the surface. I was very pleased with the result – these hearts have a lot of depth, and the sparkle and randomness means you can spend a while staring into them. Also a great way to use up your ends of rods!

Mysterious Hearts of Gold #2

Love this one. It’s the same idea but has amber and sangre shorts and goldstone frit. Some raku stringer again, a red encased twistie one one corner and a few dots and lines of aurae.

Mysterious Hearts of Gold #3

This one… is not so good. I didn’t really think about what effect doing the core this way would have – it’s dirty martini with transparent green on top, then clear and a bit of bluestone ribbon. I have put deep twists in the ribbon in places, though they don’t show up too well here. I think the width and concentratedness of the ribbon doesn’t work as well as the frit in the other hearts, and the lime green and blue is a bit garish. I also totally messed up the surface decoration – it has terra 2 dots and a wrap at the borrom (which is showing up as reddish brown, clashingly) and some stormed supernova on one front lobe, which I left a bit raised and just serves to make the heart shape lumpy. Then my hades stringer which was an attempt to make it look more deliberate balled up on me. Not a success, and this is a cautionary tale that sometimes the kitchen sink approach just gives you unexpected fugly! Annoyingly, this one probably has the best puckered bottom end… (The shape on the second one looks good, but it tapers a little too thin for a pucker).

Something a bit different: theme of the month for February is Dots, so here’s an etched dotty heart.

Pink dotty heart

White core, dark lavender encasement, Reichenbach pink lady stripes and filling out of one lobe. White dots on the surface with pink lady on top of some of them. I made it too long for the press, but could use the lobe end to shape the top anyway. Then I etched it and I think it’s very pretty. Shame the bottom end is just slightly chipped after cleaning – getting the ends neat on these is definitely a challenge.


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  1. #1 by Anne on February 23, 2011 - 3:20 pm

    I LOVE the mysterious hearts of gold #3! It looks like a universe encased in a heart.

    • #2 by Kalorlo on February 23, 2011 - 5:42 pm

      Really? Hee, it’s one of those things – if you make a bead *you* don’t like, there are always plenty of people that like it best!

      Thank you :)

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