Raku carrot murrini

Raku carrot murrini

I’m unsure about this lot! They don’t always strike that easily, and when they do you can get some odd effects. I suspect I might keep using the ones I have and probably not make more in this exact recipe. They can be interesting, at least. They contain transparent amethyst, carrot red and raku, with hades and triton lines.

Raku carrot murrini in use

A few in-use closeups. The first was from a bead I showed in this post (the kalypso blot). The second two were on a bead with some CiM gunmetal on the surface, and all sorts of strange things happened.

Gunmetal and murrini

You can see it above. It’s baby blue with some gunmetal on top. Not reduced – you just need to waft the gunmetal about in a neutral flame and it’ll do its thing. The murrini have colours all right, but are also a bit weird and seem to have bleeding going on.

Raku orange kalera

This bead has a base of tongue pink (or striking terracotta, as Julie of Lush Lampwork is trying to rename it!) and wings of opaque and striking orange. The murrini on one side struck a bit, the one on the other side refused to at all, but has developed a thin black outline. My terracotta is variably struck :p

Raku orange kalera - other side

Above’s the other side. showing the one that didn’t strike.

I haven’t used these encased at all yet – must remember to try that and see what colours I get. I haven’t tried reducing them because the raku will just go silvery and I don’t think there’ll be much to look at. Might be worth a try anyway just to confirm it. I’ll add it to the ever-expanding to-do list!


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