CiM Creamsicle disgruntlement!

I had a rod of CiM Creamsicle in my original starter pack – just a little skinny rod, and I’ve used over half of it and have been hoarding the rest until I get more, because it was a lovely creamy orange.

I made an order in Martin’s 20% off CiM sale – it was one of the needed rather than wanted choices, as I’m actually out of orange entirely now! I have plenty of yellows.

I was a bit dubious about the rod colour when it arrived, but thought that maybe it would strike darker when melted. Noooooo! It came out yellow!

Apparently the colour changed at some point – no more lovely orange :(
The colour examples on CiM’s website don’t show this yet (and I did double check that I hadn’t missed anything).

See the difference!


Also shown on this picture is the old pastel yellow, which was lighter than creamsicle but a similar lovely warm colour. Again, I had one rod, got more, and the new batch was yellower. I still like pastel yellow – it’s my default yellow because it’s still a bit warmer than some of the others, but it isn’t mango orange anymore. With that one, I was thinking it was just like coral and would vary batch to batch. With both of them changing in the same way, I’m wondering if it had something to do with the ingredients? We expect consistency from CiM so it’s unusual when something like this happens and they don’t make a note about it.

ETA: Kathy from CiM has sorted this out for me; it appears this batch should really have been labelled as a Unique. See my post CiM reds and creamsicle update!


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