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CiM reds and creamsicle update

I’ve done a little testing of the new CiM limited edition reds, and I have an update to my Cim Creamsicle Disgruntlement post.

I’d emailed Kathy from CiM about the creamsicle being yellow: she said that batch should probably have been labelled as a Unique, and offered to send me a replacement. Which duly arrived, and is the correct lovely creamy orange! Hooray!

She sent me some of the current limited edition colours for testing too (I was acting as a one-stop shipping destination for UK testers to cut down on the postage costs from the US). Here I’ve done the reds and included the creamsicle too.

I took these pictures in overcast natural light, as some opaque reds have a tendency to look brown in artificial lighting. I still don’t have the full depth of colour here!


Ruby Slippers and Crimson are striking reds: I didn’t strike either of them properly. I didn’t really try, to be fair – I’m used to the reds striking well enough in the working process. Ruby Slippers came out faint and streaky, almost entirely unstruck. Crimson went cloudy and brown (probably browner than it appears here, oddly enough). I’ll be having another go and pay attention to the striking of these two.

Valentine is a dark red, and Auburn a dark reddish brown. Both are opaque. They are less similar in colour than they appear here: the auburn is definitely browner. I’m planning to make nuggets in the Effetre red browns as well, to compare them side by side.

Creamsicle in its old warm orangey shade!

Pimento is a nice bright orangey red that I like a lot. In the rod it appears a little less orange than Effetre carrot red, though it is a similar sort of colour. (I’ll be nuggeting that one too).

Lastly, Maraschino is a semi-opaque red, giving more depth to the colour than a fully opaque red. It’s a lovely juicy colour and similar to Lauscha transparent red: again I will compare, but I think maraschino comes out closer to opaque in bulk than the Lauscha does.


When I remember, I’ll take a pic under my normal photo setup and see how they compare.

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