Lauscha SNT 150 orange transparent

I am doing some colour testing for Lauscha. Here we’ve got a new batch of SNT 150 orange transparent vs the 13/02/12 batch (*cough* which I have for sale on *cough*).

The new 08/12 orange is darker and transparent in the rod (not that you can see that in the photo – it is, though!), whereas the 13/02/12 batch is a sunnier orange, translucent and ringed.

Here’s a photo showing everything from both batches.


I made three spacers from the 08/12 orange – I’ve left them on the mandrel so you can see that this version is more sensitive to striking. They have stayed transparent, unlike the 13/02/12 spacers. The yellow spacer was the last one made and is unstruck. The centre bead received most heating and cooling, and is the darkest. With the 13/02/12 batch, you can see the spacers are not transparent (one is etched). You can see a little way into the surface but not all the way through.


I went on to make hollow pumpkins from both oranges. Quite a lot of heating and cooling goes on here: the 08/12 batch has struck deeply and quite uniformly. If you hold it up to the light, you can vaguely see inside, but only just. It stayed transparent just next to the holes, but not further out. The 13/02/12 batch is streakier and has transparent streaks you can see into. It also has a rather nice effect where it is yellower in the grooves and blushes oranger on the face of each segment.


The 08/12 batch is more like CiM clockwork in colour, though does not go misty like that can.

Edit: Here are a couple of gremlins I made. I’ve shown the backs too so you can see that the 08/12 batch has some transparency left here – you can see the mandrel line.

Note: the lips and eyelids are an egg yolk-coloured batch of Effetre opaque dark yellow. I used that instead to avoid having any white show through them. On the 13/02/12 gremlin, the lips aren’t the same colour as the body, but my camera isn’t picking that up. (These oranges are tricky to photograph correctly in the first place, because they’re so bright the camera just completely over-saturates them and I have to fiddle about with my colour balance to get them looking as they do).

19.08.12_OrangeGremlins_01 19.08.12_OrangeGremlins_02

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