Colour testing: Lauscha chromium green SNO 616

I was asked to check how this colour behaved when mixed with others so made a few beads this weekend.

Here are the initial beads I made a while ago – the chromium green was used as the bulk of the body for all of these.

SNO616_2_ChromiumGreen_spacers 21.10.12_MossySparkle 18.11.12_GremlinsRightFootIn

1. Two plain spacers, one etched.
2. A round with iris gold frit on the surface.
3. A gremlin with Wild Eye murrini eyes.

Chromium green comes in rough bumpy rods that are fairly brittle (but don’t seem shocky in the flame). Tiny subtle sparkly flecks can be seen in the surface sometimes.

My new tests:


The round bead on the right is chromium green encased with Effetre 006, then chromium green stripes on the surface.
For the long tube bead, I first mixed together chromium green and Effetre white into a stringer, then made the bead from that.
The two tiles at the back have bases of half-and-half Effetre red roof tile and sediment, then have a wrap of chromium green round the centre, one of silvered ivory on top of that, then another of chromium green. Those were melted in and the whole bead allowed to sag under gravity before shaping them into tiles again.

None of these beads have any incompatibility problems. I really like the tiles, may have to make more!

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