52 earrings: #19 Ghost of the Navigator

I’ve been gradually making these for at least two weeks now. The little skull beads are from my Pirate Treasure bonus from Elise Matthesen’s Beads of the Month club.


I’m going to put a lot of photos of these up because they were tricky to capture. They’re quite long and definitely statement rather than everyday earrings!

I wanted something suggesting a compass so I got two pairs of copper washers that I’d previously flame patinated and I made lines in them by hammering on a triangular file. (I had a look at astrolabes and sextants but they’re a bit complex).


I gathered together a small pile of sea-related beads. I have aqua glass, various seed beads in blue, green, coral, brown and gold, dyed salmon pink shell nuggets, peacock freshwater pearls, rhyolite nuggets and white/brown shells.


I used waxed linen cord from The Curious Bead Shop to do the knotting (Rebecca also has a selection of absolutely gorgeous Czech glass beads there). I also learned some nautical knots, because you can’t do navigator earrings using granny knots!

It took me an age to finish the first net because I wasn’t quite sure where I was going – I originally had it flat but it looked too sparse so I added some more spokes and kept going round until it formed a conical net.


I don’t usually take photos on slate because I get loads of reflections: I got this done early enough in the day that I could use sunlight instead of my daylight lamp and that made quite a difference in the result. Normally I take my pics after dark so can’t rely on that.


The second earring progressed much faster. I used a pair of copper earwires where I’d kept the ball ends dark from the heating and finished them off.

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