Kumihimo braiding

Before I show this week’s pair of earrings, I wanted to get this post written. I took a few pictures the other week to show all my braids-in-progress.


All the braids! The large brown and pink braid was my first one, in 1.5mm cotton cord – I then started using C-lon/S-lon for the others. After the thin blue and brown braid, I decided I don’t like 8-strand braids in the thinner threads, so everything after that has had more strands.


These are a pair of octagonal braids. It took me a while to get the hang of these because you have to alternate rotating clockwise and counter-clockwise and it’s very obvious when you forget and go the wrong way! But I worked out that if you think of it as switching between positions 24 and 32 instead, it’s much easier because you can always see where to go instead of having to remember what you just did.


These are my flat braids that I’ve already made into earrings.


These purple spiral braids are interesting, because if you switch the left threads down instead of the right, you get a looser spiral that I prefer in some ways. I have two going one way and one shorter one the other way in the photo. In the right corner you can see the aforementioned thin blue and brown braid, and there’s also a bracelet-length piece of the teal/brown/gold braid I’ve used in previous earrings.


I made my centre weight from a fugly bead and some brass wire. I can hook it into the knot at the end of my threads.

I got a whole load of embroidery thread off eBay, so I have many more colours to play with now!


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