52 earrings: #39 Greenwood

These earrings use the same 8-thread shippou kumihimo pattern as the last pair, but done the right way round this time!

#39 Greenwood


They were also one of those pairs that require sitting around, staring at them, procastinating a bit, staring some more… until an idea arrived of what design to go with. I didn’t want to thread wire through them again, since although that gives a solid framework to hang beads off, it also stiffens the braid up. The braid is again quite thin and splits in two to make a loop, joins together, splits again, and is made of soft embroidery thread so I didn’t want anything heavy that would fray it. I had some assorted green lampwork beads out from the last pair, but lampwork is comparatively heavy. Then my eyes alighted on these big but very light wooden disc beads. Just right!

I took a strand of each of the three colours of embroidery thread that are in the braid, made a knot on the end to hold the wooden disc and threaded it through the loops in the braid a couple of times, coming out on the opposite side and knotting on the other disc there. I cut the threads fairly close to the knots and squished the cut ends so they fan out like little fronds. Repeat for the other disc pairs.

The tops are wire-wrapped with flame patinated copper and hang from copper earwires.


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  1. #1 by petunia106 on October 1, 2013 - 12:12 am

    Very pretty- I like the green thread with the dark wood!

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