Craft Pimp January Challenge: DIY bird feeder

We did a DIY bird feeder challenge for January. All components to be made from things we already had (buying bird feed or fat balls to put in it was allowed, though you can also make your own).

You can see all our entries here: January 2014 Bird Feeding Challenge Poll and vote for your favourite until Thurs 30th. The winner chooses the next challenge!

I made this small feeder from a soup container and a couple of old mandrels, one of which has a bead stuck to it. I drew some birdies on it with a Sharpie.



The challenge required that you take a photo of it outside, so I grabbed a snap of it sitting out on the balcony. We live in a flat and have no garden, so I was having difficulty finding anything I could reach to attach it to. I have since moved it to outside the upstairs bedroom window, where there is a wrought iron bit on the window ledge. It’s tied to that with stainless steel wire that I put through the holes where the top mandrel was. I’m not sure we’ll get many birds coming to visit, but if they do, they are safe from cats up there.



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