Daily sketch: “A Winter Day”

I used to frequent CGTalk’s Daily Sketch forum – it’s been an age, but I was reminded about it and had a go again. I am slowwww and out of practice! Each day you get given a topic and a time limit, and have to post what you managed in the time. (You can keep going, but you need to show what you did in the time limit). I’ve linked the CGTalk thread below.

CGS DSF 3518 40 mn “A Winter Day”


This was done in the GIMP with a Wacom Graphire2 graphics tablet. That’s the old entry-level A6 tablet, now there is the Wacom Bamboo. (I’ve never had the need to upgrade. My boyfriend has a Bamboo – apparently the tips are much softer and need replacing fairly often. I’m still on my original one after umpty years).

I’m not going to be doing these every day, but I will attempt to do something now and then.


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