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52 earrings #14: Ruby Entwined

These earrings are to match a necklace I just made. Partly inspired by Elise Matthesen’s necklace-crowns, partly wire-doodling.

#14 Ruby Entwined


Both together – I made the central piece of the necklace first then worked out what to do with it. Brass wire, red and red/yellow Czech glass and a shiny gold mix of seed beads. The wire section was made from one continuous piece. Fun to make, but does get through a lot of wire!


I added brass belcher chain and made a swan neck clasp to finish the necklace.


The earrings are small doodles, hanging from brass earwires.

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52 earrings: #13 Lilac & Lime

I’ve been making these little beaded charm beads during my lunch breaks: the tutorial is Charm Bead Spacers by Lynn Davy. They’re a good project if you just have a little bit of time for crafting!

#13 Lilac & Lime


First of all I was playing about putting them straight on some headpins with sparkly green crystals – they looked nice that way, but maybe a little more baroque than my style?

Then I wondered if they’d fit on my pvc rubber tubing – they are charm beads, after all. With the beads I used, they fit on 2mm tubing – going up a size with the seed beads should get them to fit on the 3mm, I reckon. I have some pretty lilac frosted tube that looks nicely springlike combined with the green. I made teardrop shapes from the tube and brass wire so that the beads have the hole horizontally. I double-wrapped the tops and put them on brass earwires. I like these!


I’ve been making more of the charm beads in other colour combinations, too. I imagine they will feature in more of my earrings…

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52 earrings: #4 Red Queen and #5 Lime Twizzlers

I made two pairs of earrings this week. First I made a pair of little lampwork hearts with the luscious Lauscha transparent red (I love this, it’s actually semi-opaque when used in any volume, but keeps a whole lotta depth and juiciness).

#4 Red Queen


Red lampwork hearts by me, sterling silver.

I had another go with my rubber tube – I like spirals so made some with the frosted lime tubing. I had some little o-rings in tangerine that fit on the tubing so added those for some zing. Then I decided that I wanted little lampwork dangles in the centre, so made a pair of orange and green encased dotty beads. I messed around a bit with different types of endings on the brass – tried some spirals but didn’t get them centred in the orientation I wanted, so in the end I went for a hammered widened end and added a little green seed bead to stop the lampwork sliding off.

#5 Lime Twizzlers


Green and orange dotty lampwork beads by me, lime rubber tubing, tangerine o-rings, brass.

I think these could look good in a bunch of different colours.

(I also made the earring tree to have a nicer display to hang earrings on – the bit of wire I had hanging from my lamp was functional but doesn’t look great in photos! I might do another with enough wire for roots and glue it to a rock, but this one works)

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52 earrings: #3 Tangerine Tangles

I have some different types of rubber tubing and have been meaning to do something like this for a while. Inspired by Yvonne Irvin-Faus, who also sells the tubing and all kind of other bright components.

#3 Tangerine Tangles


Brass wire and orange tubing. These aren’t my usual style AT ALL and are part of what I’m wanting to do with this challenge. I deliberately didn’t try to make the freeform tangles the same shape. I made the earwires rounder than usual to go with the tangles (am also going to try some different earwire designs, these were just a very quick variation). I have some plans to play with the design further, with more visible wire-wrapping, perhaps adding dangles…


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52 (earring pairs) in 2013 challenge

It’s a new year, let’s get this blog restarted! I’ve got a bit stretched thin with various media, with some things here and others there… I should sort that out.

Anyway, there’s a plan in the works that should get me doing regular blog posts here.

Over on the Craft Pimp forum some of us are planning to do a 52 in 2013 challenge. The idea we’re borrowing is to make one pair of earrings per week, so 52 in the year. You don’t have to be making earrings to join in, though! Any small crafty project will do. (The original challenge was by Anke aHa and her flickr group is at

I will be making mine in small batches and then posting one a week, because I know that’s the way I work – some weeks I’ll definitely have other things that need doing or that I’m concentrating on. (And when I’m fired up about something, I don’t want to only make one!). I might end up with more than 52 by doing it this way: unless I get buried in earrings, that’s not really a downside :p

I think it’ll be a lot of fun and I’m going to come up with a bunch of different designs. I made some commission jewellery over Christmas and I want to make more, so this is also a good kick-start to that, but with the freedom that these designs don’t have to be perfect. I expect to end up with some that really don’t work, but the point is not to be stressed about that because next week there will be another. I think it’ll be good for me.

(I reserve the right to switch away from earrings to make something else if I get absolutely sick of them, but I’m thinking that’s not too likely – there’s a lot of scope in them for all kinds of techniques and materials).

I’ll be linking to some of the other people doing the challenge as we get going with it, so stay tuned!

Now, without more ado:

#1: Rainbow Bright


Another view, because they’re only as bright as the first pic in really bright direct light. The second pic is more representative.


Flame patinated (by me!) brass discs, brass earwires, copper dangles with faux turquoise beads.

I’ll be watching these to see how the patina changes over time. The discs and other components I patinated have been sitting about for a month since I did them without any appreciable difference. I haven’t coated them in anything – I do have some Renaissance wax, but wanted to see how they did on their own, because in my reading about flame patination some people say waxing darkens the colour and others don’t add any surface coatings. Since they won’t have much contact with the skin, they may well only change very gradually. Change is a feature with any patinated copper or brass, besides. (Wouldn’t they look pretty with verdigris on them?)

Other blogging participants!

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Chain maille interlude

[July 24 – 31]

I was on holiday at this point, staying in Scotland with my boyfriend’s parents. I took some supplies with me and did some chain maille while I was there.

I made two JPL chains in copper (actually mostly remade – it’s much easier when you make them spiralling the right way. By default I always start the wrong way…). I also made little tester pieces of a number of other weaves.

Maille samples

Clockwise from left:
The brass one is roundmaille, which is made by taking a piece of Euro 4-in-1 and stitching it up into a tube. I like it, it’s fun to play with and reminds me of a fat caterpillar. Or a sandworm.
The red anodised aluminium one is a short bit of double spiral half-byzantine+1. Rather floppy in this size.
The red and black anodised aluminium is full persian. I was a bit disappointed – I don’t like it nearly as much as half-persian. It might make a decent pendant, but I don’t like it as a chain.
The bottom (also in red and black anodised aluminium) is Cloud Cover. You make it in units and just join them together – making and joining the units in the other direction makes Four Winds.
In the centre is some little tiny Euro 4-in-1 in bright aluminium. Nice and slinky.

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Jewellery picspam

This is an attempt to stop being at least a month behind in my posts! Here’s what I’ve been up to in the last little while – some earrings, some wirewrapping with and without beads, some chain maille, a little seed beading (most recent at top):

You’ll notice some variation in photo quality… I got my new camera! It’s a Panasonic Lumix TZ6 and it’s utterly lovely.

I’ve done some more polymer clay beads since then – photos coming soon! I got hold of a second hand pasta machine, which lets you do all kinds of fancy things with polymer clay, so I’ve been making lots of canes to slice up and decorate beads with. (Think of a stick of rock – you assemble everything so the design runs all the way through it, then slice thin pieces off the end to use).

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