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52 earrings: #4 Red Queen and #5 Lime Twizzlers

I made two pairs of earrings this week. First I made a pair of little lampwork hearts with the luscious Lauscha transparent red (I love this, it’s actually semi-opaque when used in any volume, but keeps a whole lotta depth and juiciness).

#4 Red Queen


Red lampwork hearts by me, sterling silver.

I had another go with my rubber tube – I like spirals so made some with the frosted lime tubing. I had some little o-rings in tangerine that fit on the tubing so added those for some zing. Then I decided that I wanted little lampwork dangles in the centre, so made a pair of orange and green encased dotty beads. I messed around a bit with different types of endings on the brass – tried some spirals but didn’t get them centred in the orientation I wanted, so in the end I went for a hammered widened end and added a little green seed bead to stop the lampwork sliding off.

#5 Lime Twizzlers


Green and orange dotty lampwork beads by me, lime rubber tubing, tangerine o-rings, brass.

I think these could look good in a bunch of different colours.

(I also made the earring tree to have a nicer display to hang earrings on – the bit of wire I had hanging from my lamp was functional but doesn’t look great in photos! I might do another with enough wire for roots and glue it to a rock, but this one works)

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Lampwork: weeks 11-12

[May 8th – May 16th]

May’s Colour of the Month challenge is Effetre 212 Lime Green, and the theme challenge is Spring. I made beads for both.

(212 is also called pea green pretty much everywhere else. I have rods labelled both, but Tuffnell’s currently calls it lime green and I think that suits it better because it isn’t pea-coloured. 214 is nile green elsewhere, pea green at Tuffnell’s. I did spend a while wondering about this :p)

I started by trying some ringed spacers. NTS: dark yellow doesn’t actually show up that much on lime green… It’s also a tad trickier than it looks to keep the rings even. I tried again with orange fine stringer instead.

Lime stripeys

Lentil sets: clear with lime green dots of various sizes, topped with white dots, repeat until you can’t make them any smaller. With matching pair of spacers.

Lime and white dotty lentils

Then I did the same with CiM olive and lime green.

Olive and lime dotty lentils

Big stripy lentil: transparent sage green base, with stripes of opaque sage, lime green and red brown stringer.

Green stripy lentil

Faux boro using pale green apple and iris gold frit, encased in clear. None of the cola colour I was getting with my straw yellow.

Pale green apple faux boro

A faux boro lentil: didn’t photograph incredibly well – the light shining through it makes it more amber than it looks normally. Plus another couple of rounds, with different stages of adding more frit.

Faux boro, lit through

Red roof tile trio: lentil plus spacers with SIS round the centre.

Red roof tile with SIS

Set with lime green base and petrol green raked dots.

Leafy green lentil

Then some spring themed ones:

Garden bead with red roof tile for the ground and dark blue transparent sky. Anise white clouds, vine cane and yellow commercial millefiori, with a pair of matching spacers.

Sunflower trio

Pale green apple hollow rolled in iris gold frit. Hmm, too much frit and iris gold is better if you do more with it.

Iris gold hollow

Then I tried making murrini, partly so I would have some bullseye style ones to practice using so I wouldn’t waste the ones I bought from Kaz. My first try wasn’t hugely successful – I pulled most of it way too thin. So I tried again, with more colours this time, and found out that you really do need to use very contrasting colours. Lime green and CiM butter pecan might look different enough, but they really don’t show up against one another once you’ve pulled them down and tried to use them in the centre of a murrini (which is the part that gets smallest when you actually use it – the edge spreads out a lot, making the stripes on it bigger).

Green murrini

I tried making shards again with a blue frit mix on Effetre rose quartz. But the part that actually blew up thinly didn’t have any frit on it… and I got cellophane thin very pale transparent shards. Not so useful! This is a rose quartz lentil with the thicker pieces that did have frit on them.

Shards on rose quartz

Another garden bead, this time with lime green between the ground and the sky. I used a pink commercial millefiori, didn’t cap it with clear and it devitrified. Another one for the etch pile, I think, as otherwise the bead’s quite nice.

Pink flower bead

Then I started practicing using twisties, because I won the silent auction for Jolene’s Huge Jar o’Twisties, so I thought I’d better work out how to use them!

Here we have a pea green lentil with opaque blue twistie. I added eyes and turned it into a sort of snail. Then we have a dark amber lentil with a twistie that Mizgeorge gave me, and a light ivory lentil with swirled SIS and red and clear twistie from Mizgeorge over the top.

Twistie lentils

I made some black and white simple murrini (Effetre black, so it’s purplish).

Black and white murrini

Some twistie rounds. The red and blue ones are encased to spread them out, the purple ones spread out enough on their own so I didn’t encase them. I think they look like sweeties. And also a clear lentil with subtle semi-transparent blue twistie in it. You can see it better in person – it has misty lines.

Twistie beads

Coral and green murrini:

Coral and lime murrini

Pictures of the murrini in use coming up. My wheeled glass nippers arrived halfway through the next week, so I could cut them up and use them then. (I got Leponitt ones from, and I do love them).

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