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CiM side-by-side comparisons

A couple more comparisons between the limited edition colours.

Green Lantern is greener than absinthe or aloe juice, which are bluer. (Doesn’t show up so well here, but by eye it is). Aloe juice is also less saturated.


Marine is partway between trade winds and tuscan teal – it’s greener and lighter than trade winds but bluer than tuscan teal. None of them are anywhere near as dark as leaky pen.


With the opaque greens, I have included cardamom and Effetre grasshopper green. It Ain’t Easy Being is very much bluer, cardamom is heading more towards the lime end, mint chip is muted and grasshopper green is more saturated. The CiM greens can kind of give the same impression when you look at them one at a time, but they’re definitely different when side-by-side.



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Colour testing: CiM Jellyfish, Marine, Green Lantern

I’ve been sent some more CiM limited editions to test! I believe some if not all of these will be available in the UK fairly shortly.


Jellyfish is a colour-shifting lavender. It looks bluer under halogens and pinker under incandescents or sunlight.



It is also a very close match in colour to Effetre dark lavender, which is becoming increasingly hard to get hold of since Effetre haven’t made any new batches in a while. The round bead is a jellyfish core, then Double Helix psyche and encased in jellyfish. I can’t say whether it’s the same effect as you get from dark lavender and psyche (anyone around who uses that combo often? I’m still bad at keeping psyche reduction under encasement), but the electric blues from the psyche are pretty good, and if you want a dark lavender-alike for the colour on its own, then this would definitely be up your street.




A lovely deep teal blue.


Sadly, it seems to have incompatibility issues when encasing white, which is a real shame because the combo looks great. These two are Effetre white and you can see multiple cracks.


The next day I made another two, one with peace and another with Effetre just to make sure I hadn’t done something stupid. In this case, the one with peace has the crack, running into the dot, centre right from the top of the bead – the Effetre hadn’t yet at the time of taking this photo, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if one turns up in a few days. Incidentally, you can see the difference in density between the peace and Effetre white dots – peace is less bright and has more noticeable rings inside the dots.


The heart is marine over Effetre white, gravity swirled. Even with the colour this thin, there are cracks (and very definitely incompatibility ones, at that).


From another angle. The crack comes down from partway through the top lobe, then changes direction towards us. That ain’t thermal.

I’ll need to try it over a few other things – I am guessing light opaques like dirty martini may be ok to use as a base as that’s a bit stiffer. Still a shame!

Green Lantern

A pretty transparent green. I haven’t put it side-by-side with any of the other greens yet.


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Beads, buttons and ring toppers for sale!

My Etsy shop is up and running: HeatherKellyGlass on Etsy. I’m adding a new item each day, so check back often!

Currently up we have an autumnal focal lentil, a decorative button in blue and green, and a bright orange-pink silver glass interchangeable ring topper.

The ring toppers are great – they have a small nut in the back that will screw onto a 2.5mm threaded screw. You can get rings in sterling or stainless steel, pendant backings and cufflinks that you can screw the toppers on to. So you can have one ring and dress it up depending how you feel on the day! You can collect little wearable bits of glass art from your favourite lampworkers and show them off.

Sabine Little of LittleCastleDesigns has the rings in stainless and sterling, pendant backs in both, and cufflinks in stainless steel.

George Harper East (, mizgeorge on Etsy) makes sterling silver adjustable rings for adults and children – these are fab, I have one and it is incredibly comfortable to wear. She also takes commissions if you want something a bit different.

I went for adjustable because my fingers change size quite a bit through the course of a day depending on how hot they get! I didn’t wear rings at all before this, now I can wear my own toppers (and the advantage of a ring topper over a necklace, say, is that you can see it yourself all the time!).

I’ve started a glass-related Twitter account: GlassByHeather where you can keep up to date with new listings, and also see me wittering on about glass in general.

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