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UKJC Secret Santa 2010

Here’s what I made for the UKJC Secret Santa. (See there for the album of what everyone made). We send the present to our recipient anonymously, they post a photo when they receive it, and we have a big guessing game until we know who made what.

UKJC Secret Santa, for Maggie

I made a necklace for Maggie using amber and triton swirled lampwork beads, peacock iridescent discs, carnelian discs, Greek ceramic spacers, sterling silver and another of Diane’s beautiful silk ribbons. I’d got the discs some time before and was pleased how well they matched!

UKJC Secret Santa, view 2

And here’s what I received! Made by Tabby. Isn’t it lovely? Silver necklace with seahorse and starfish.

UKJC Secret Santa by Tabby


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FHF Secret Santa 2010

FHF Secret Santa 2010

This is where I was going with my dark steel grey muddling. The next lot of beads I tried used white for the core. If I’d been thinking clearly I would have done that first! They have various layers of scrollwork in hades, tuxedo and white. I made a kalera with an effect I rather liked by doing tuxedo scrollwork on the white, then encasing it in dark steel grey, then white scrolls and hades dots on the surface. Having tuxedo inside like that essentially gives you dark shadowy grey scrolls under the surface, since tuxedo is less dense than hades and not purple like Effetre black. (The thicker your encasing, the less noticeable it will be under the dark steel grey though).

For my FHF Secret Santa gift I made this necklace. It has a kalera like the one mentioned above, plus some spacers to go with it. I strung it on one of Diane’s silk strings (SowZerE) and paired it with small sterling silver beads and findings, plus a hammered ring. The sterling beads are tight enough on the silk string that they can be used to space everything out without any knots.

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